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NGC 2174 – Monkey Head Nebula

In February 2014 there was taken probably my favourite photo from the Hubble Space Telescope. It shows part of NGC 2174 nebula at infrared wavelengths.

We can find this object in the constellation of Orion and although it’s the target mostly for astrophotographers, it’s possible to observe it by our own eyes. You don’t need some huge telescopes for it – NGC 2174 can be seen through 100 mm binoculars and under very good conditions even through 50-70 mm (but UHC filter may prove helpful).

Krita, WACOM CTL 4100.⁣

Thor’s Helmet Nebula

NGC 2359 is the second nebula I drew with the graphics tablet. The painting was created in inspiration by photo taken by Trevor Jones.

Krita, WACOM CTL 4100.

By the way, it’s possible to see Thor’s Helmet by our own eyes – the nebula is bright enough to catch it during astronomical observations. I did it using APM 25×100 binoculars under 4 Bottle Class sky.

Aurora Borealis

Northern lights – this is the second picture more complicated than only sketch I made with a graphic tablet.⁣
I created it inspired with a few photos taken by Sebastian Voltmer.

Krita, WACOM CTL 4100.⁣

Messier 1 – The Crab Nebula

The first position in the Messier catalogue, the Crab Nebula, lain in the wintry sky in the constellation Taurus.
This object came into being after the supernova explosion, probably this recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054. In the centre of this supernova remnant there is located a neutron star – the Crab Pulsar, which is one of the brightest gamma-ray source in the sky.

This picture is one of my first attempt in the graphic tablet. Krita, WACOM CTL 4100.


I had two serious approaches to Gimp in my life – at the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2020. ⁣
Here is the second one – the Milky Way with a bit non-realistic dark nebulae. I created it drawing with the finger on the touchscreen of my laptop – it was great relax after exam in quantum physics.

Self-portrait in a mask

Here is my first approache to Gimp in my life and all without any knowledge of tools – I just took my laptop and started to draw with the finger on the touchscreen.
It is difficult to say how many hours I spent on this picture – I had been creating it in the free time for about one month.

Here are two versions of this drawing – such as I drew it and after adding new colour in Gimp too. 2018.